British Gas Plumbing Apprenticeships

British Gas Plumbing Apprenticeships

Details of British Gas Plumbing Apprenticeships

There is nationwide recognition that we need to develop skills within the country and British gas plumbing apprenticeships are a positive example of how a commercial company can help to achieve this. British Gas has made a major commitment to training its in-house workforce at its Engineering Academy. British gas plumbing apprenticeships are a major feature of the scheme and has led to British Gas having more than 5000 trained plumbing engineer’s.

The latest figures show that British Gas invests more than £30 million each year to train their very large engineering workforce.  This is a considerable sum and demonstration of the level of importance of this apprenticeship programme to the company. Engineers are trained at one of the 13 British Gas engineering academies spread across the UK. British gas recognises that its reputation depends upon the quality of its workforce and this means that it places great importance on its plumbing apprenticeship scheme. Separate apprentice training companies might be more focused upon the revenue from the training course and have no direct involvement in the performance of the apprentice once they had qualified. With an apprenticeship scheme such as this offered by British gas it can be seen that success of the scheme and quality of the trained apprentices is of crucial importance to the company meaning that it has high level management support and full commitment from the management team.

To ensure that the plumbers skills are maintained up to date they also attend frequent safety seminars. This is essential as the standards and regulations governing plumbers are often changing, and out of date information could lead to a poor installation or even cost lives. An example of this is that the national certification scheme recently changed from CORGI to a new scheme known as “Gas Safe”, British gas ensured that its trained engineers were recognised under the new scheme.

The training delivered by engineering Academy has been recognized by external bodies. In 2005 it won an innovation award for its training delivered.

When the apprenticeship period is finished the British gas plumbing apprentices have the opportunity to apply their skills to real world situations with real customers. The British Gas home product range looks after gas boilers, central heating systems, plumbing and drains installations and home electrics. In addition British gas is in the largest installer of central heating systems in the country.

An important part of the British Gas apprenticeships is customer service training. British Gas plumbers are not just specialists in boiler and central heating systems. They are also trained to focus upon customer, treating their home as their own and to be applied to, courteous and highly professional at all times when in the customer’s home. This stands a new plumber in good stead with they decide to see out their career with British Gas or to embark upon a new career in their own plumbing business. Focus upon the customer and their needs is essential and should be a component part of any plumbing apprenticeship scheme. The best deals on the internet.