This site focuses some great UK brands and the products and services that they offer.

Have a look inside and see the services from British Gas and its Scottish Gas subsidiary. The services that they offer include Gas, Electricity, Homecare, Central Heating and Boilers.

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Broadband Internet access is growing and providing access to more entertainment and education features. We have details on the latest broadband offer, BT Total Broadband, from British Telecom.

We also have details of services from Dyno Rod outlining the home maintenance services they offer.

There is also information on the markets they work in. As an example the UK gas and electricity markets can be full of jargon and therefore be confusing. We have included a glossary of important terms and a history of the British Gas and Electricity markets.

Read on and see the select deals available online and the great brands who do business on the Internet.

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British Gas
British Telecom
Dyno Rod
Scottish Gas


British Gas price protection

British Gas price protection