Dyno Rod

Dyno Rod

Dyno-rod is the leading home maintenance and repair service in the UK offering rapid professional solutions to your maintenance problems, at home or at your business.

You may already know DynoRod as the leading drains services company in the UK.  DynoRod has been solving drains problems for more than 40 years.  If you have a simple home drain blockage or require a full drains system installation you can call upon the DynoRod drains experts.

The DynoRod plumbing has been developed by the company to give customers access to a highly skilled, professional plumbing service.  Skilled plumbers are in short supply and over committed.  DynoRod plumbing seeks to address this problem providing a reliable, 24-hour plumbing service we no callout charges.

DynoRod secure lock and security services is the largest mobile locksmith emergency service in the UK.  It has been helping improve the security of households for over 15 years.

If you have any problems with drains, sewers, plumbing, locks or security systems please phone Dyno today.  The comprehensive emergency services are available throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When you call Dyno you get help from a professional, fully trained, local expert engineer who will quickly deal with your emergency.

Dyno Plumbing Services
Dyno Plumbing services offer you 24 hour emergency plumbing cover from the Dyno Group.

Dyno Secure Lock and Security Services
Dyno Secure Lock and Security Services are the largest mobile emergency locksmith service in the UK

Dyno Rod Drains Services
Value For Money Drains Services delivered by Dyno Rod

Dyno Alarms, Security you can Rely upon
There are three Dyno Alarms to choose from according to your familys needs. They can also be supplied with a maintenance support agreement if you wish.