British Gas Price Rises
British Gas has been raising prices in recent years. What can you do?

British Gas history 1900 to 1950
British Gas started in the 19th century and the Gas Light and Coke Company.

British Gas Plumbing Apprenticeships
Details of British Gas Plumbing Apprenticeships

British Gas history 1940s and 1950s
In the 1940s and 1950s, the UK gas industry was runing as it had been for the previous hundred years.

British Gas Apprenticeships
Read about the British Gas apprenticeships for the gas servicing and repair and heating installation

British Gas in the 1990s
In the 1990s a range of alternative suppliers entered the market

Electrical emergencies telephone numbers
Electrical emergency contact numbers for your local electricity distributor

UK North Sea Oil and Gas Overview
The economic advantages of being a gas and then oil exporter drove the rapid development of the British industry in the North Sea.

The energy industry participants
A description of the main energy industry participants in the UK and where they are from

British Gas from 1960s to privitisation
During a ten-year national conversion programme every appliance in the country had to be converted from town gas

British Gas Phone Numbers
Details of British Gas Phone Numbers

British Gas Customer Services
Telephone numbers for British Gas Customer Services

BritishGas Homecare Contact Number
Homecare from British Gas can be accessed with a priority contact number.

Scottish Gas Apprenticeships
Details of Scottish Gas Apprenticeships awards

British Gas and Electricity Industry Glossary
a gas and electricity industry jargon buster


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Scottish Gas


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