British Gas

Contact: Essential contact numbers for British Gas

To help you we have listed the telephone numbers we are aware of although, as these numbers obviously can change, we cannot guarantee that they are all correct.

British Gas Customer Services Contact Information

Account Enquiries 0845 600 5122

Customer Services 0845 070 9010

Energy Efficiency 0845 602 0155

General enquiries 0845 600 6113

Minicom 0845 600 8500

New Gas Supply 0845 955 5510

Paypoint enquiries 0845 602 0236

Token meter enquiries (gas) 0845 600 0055

Token meter enquiries (electricity) 0845 766 0111

Service Engineer Appointments 0845 600 5100

Textphone 0845 607 4717

Typetalk 18001 0800 316 9010

Welsh Speaking Customers 0845 603 2300

British Gas Address

If you wish to contact British Gas via Royal Mail about any of the products or services they offer use this address:

House Contact Centre
PO Box 50
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British Gas Services

British Gas Prices
Fix your energy prices so they will not increase for two years.

British Gas Homecare 300
Homecare 300 takes care of your plumbing as well as your central heating

British Gas Homecare Flexi
HomeCare Flexi with a new, lower price payment plan gives you peace of mind when you need help in a hurry.

British Gas Boiler
A new boiler from our sale can reduce your energy costs and save you money
Details of the web site

British Gas Homecare
Full details of the levels of service in the Homecare range

British Gas Homecare 400
Homecare 400 for your Central heating, plumbing and drains and electrics

British Gas Four Star
British Gas Four Star details

British Gas Click Energy
Get Click Energy today for some of the cheapest electricity online

British Gas price protection
Have you seen this Price Protection. Fix your energy prices at September 2006 rates and enjoy a 5% fall in 2007.

British Gas Fix and Fall
Fix your gas and electricity prices at September 2006 rates with a 5% fall in 2007 and 2008 with Fix and Fall from British Gas

British gas boiler replacement
British Gas boiler replacement service

British Gas Homecare 200
Homecare 200 for your central heating system, boiler, radiators, controls and hot water.

British Gas Electricity
Run your energy account online and get electricity at their lowest price on the Internet.

British Gas Homecare 100
Homecare 100 provides cover for your boiler and controls

British Gas boiler service
British Gas boiler service information

British Gas Three Star
Details of British Gas Three Star cover

British Gas Central Heating Installation
Central heating offers to help you make savings on new system instalations and boilers


British Gas
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Central heating, plumbing and drains and electrics

Central Heating protection from British Gas

Central heating, plumbing and drains protection

British Gas central heating

British Gas boiler